The Gibbs Brothers and Sisters

Mary Emily Lucas Family Album

Born September 23 1906 Died March 30, 1982
James E Gibbs

James Gibbs Sr Family Album

Born December 30, 1907 Died September 12, 1991

Picture were submitted by David Gibbs of his family and brothers and sister
Addison Gibbs

Addison Gibbs Family album

Born March 27, 1913 Died May 12, 1990
Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis Family Album

Born December 06, 1914  Died April 3, 1994
        Thomas Gibbs

Thomas Gibbs Family Album

Born March 31, 1916 Died January 30, 2006

Jackie is the grand daughter of Thomas Gibbs Sr. Oldest daughter of Sylvia Ann Gibbs Blount
Dalton Gibbs Sr.

Joesph Dalton Gibbs Sr Family Album

Born June 3, 1920  Died February 7, 1998

Pictures Submitted by Alma Lee Tines
Annie Rhodes

Annie Rhodes Family Album

Born November 6, 1923  Died July 30, 2009
Paul Gibbs

Paul Gibbs Family Album

Born September 25, 1925  Died January 16, 1996

Pictures submitted by the daughters of Paul Gibbs
Martha Green

Martha Green Family Album

Born April 18, 1929

Family Reunion 2013

Pictures Submitted by Peggy Ann Williams

Family Reunion 2014

Pictures submitted by Peggy Ann Williams

Family Reunion 2019 Photos

Lions Park Front Royal Family Reunion 2019